As an amateur photographer have you wondered about photo contest reviews and their value?  Here is a sample …  “You have some very strong work in your submission. There’s a luscious overall tonality in many of your pictures that I can only imagine illustrates the attentive and patient vision of the photographer. My eyes continually return to images one, two, four, six and nine. This is largely because the main subjects arguably appear on a relatively large scale, and there’s also mostly a rather clear distinction between the positive and negative shapes of the image. To put this another way, there’s a very careful demarcation between what the subject is and what the subject is not. This approach works particularly well for rather traditional landscape photographs. The remaining images are commendable, but there’s such a profusion of detail and texture across most of the frames that what might otherwise be more prominent focal points are minimized and less legible. My primary suggestion is to seek more strident and demonstrative subject matter for these kinds of photographs. …I hope you can tell that I found your work quite rewarding overall. Thank you for submitting your work to LensCulture.”

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