PhotoPills – Planning Application and Milky Way Photography

PhotoPills has an interesting application for your iPhones and tablets. According to the site…”No matter the type of photography you love: Landscape, Milky Way, Moon, Sunrise, Sunset, Architecture, Star Trails, Drone, Meteor Showers, Solar eclipse, Lunar Eclipse, Time lapse, Wedding, Portrait or Travel…PhotoPills is your photography planning app. It helps you PLAN your photos ahead of time… So you’re always at the right place at the right time to capture the best photo possible.”

In addition, the site offers a 122 page (PDF) guide to Milky Way Photography (2022) for free.  It is well worth reading if you hant to try your hand at night photography.



National Park Service (NPS): Artist-In-Residence Program

Each year the NPS offers photographers and other artists the opportunity to focus on their art without the distractions of everyday life.  Although the competition is stiff for these programs, they are well worth the effort. Programs exist for Hawaii, Death Valley, and many other parks.

“Whether staying in a remote wilderness cabin at Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska or contemplating history at Herbert Hoover National Historic Site in Iowa or working in a contemporary studio overlooking the stone-lined fields at Weir Farm National Historic Site in Connecticut, these programs provide artists with unique opportunities to create works of art in varied natural and cultural settings.”

See Be an Artist-in-Residence – Arts in the Parks (U.S. National Park Service) ( for details.

Each park has its own application process and timeline, so please visit a given park’s website for specifics.